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About The Bay Area Ballers
The Bay Area Ballers
is an elite level basketball club which has been serving young men of the Bay Area since 1994.

As a non-profit organization, the club consists of two age group teams: 18 and under Elite I and 18 under Elite II. Student athletes are selected from various schools in the South Bay, East Bay and San Francisco to practice regularly and to compete in numerous leagues and tournaments throughout the spring and summer.
Our Focus:
The primary goal of Bay Area Ballers is to provide opportunities for students to play at a pre-collegiate level of competition with quality instruction and to gain athletic scholarships to continue their education at the college or university level upon graduation from high school. However, the staff of Bay Area Ballers also believes strongly in providing services for their student athletes that extend beyond the lines of the basketball court.

Academic Support & SAT/ACT Tutoring:
Coaches contact schools, counselors and parents about the student-athlete’s progress in school. The club coordinates tutoring if needed and evaluates the high school player’s entire transcript. The club provides funds for professional tutoring for student-athletes who fail to meet NCAA minimum score standards.

College Placement:
The coaches of the Elite teams spend a significant amount of time contacting college coaches and mailing game tapes in an attempt to secure athletic scholarships to colleges and universities.

Support and Donations:
The Bay Area Ballers is attempting to fully fund this comprehensive, year-round program through grants and donations. The Elite teams participate in several travel tournaments in which their athletic skill is reviewed by hundreds of college coaches from across the country. Without financial assistance, most of our athlete’s families can not afford the costs of competing in and traveling to these nationally renowned tournaments. Unfortunately, our student-athletes cannot receive the necessary exposure they need in order to compete for athletic scholarships if they only compete locally.
Bay Area Ballers Presents Rumble in the Bay
The 16th Annual Patrick Dennehy Memorial Travel Basketball Tournament
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